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Request for Winter Storage and Service


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  • Requested Services

  • Jones Inlet Marine will only do the work checked below by the owner. Winterization of the engine and all other equipment listed below is for protection against freezing. This does not include gasket leaks to the head and block and other engine equipment failures. These prices do not include spring starting or commissioning.
  • Winter Storage

  • Shrink Wrap

  • Prep work to install shrink-wrap such as removal of obstructions (antennas, canvas, lights, etc.) is performed at the yard labor rate $80.00 per hr. Vessels with hardtops, towers and bridges are charged an additional $3.00 per foot each.
  • Outboard Engine Service - Winterize Only

  • Fresh water flush of engine, add fuel conditioner & stabilizer to fuel. Grease all fittings & steering system, CRC power head, drain & refill gear oil, fog engine.
  • Inboard/Stern Drive Engine Winterization - Gas

  • 4/6/8 Cylinder engine (labor only, materials charged as used). Include: CRC engine storage. We recommend fall oil change.
  • (grease gimble, drain gear case and refill remove and inspect prop, grease shaft and reinstall prop, store drive indoors) + Material
  • Compression test will also determine any water intrusions possible bad manifolds-risers. Note Yard will not be responsible for any water intrusion)
  • (includes scrape, clean and sand outdrive, paint drive, p/test, lube, replace zincs, service U-joints, inspect and grease shaft, clean intake, inspect bellows, and shaft linkage, replace in drive only water pump only) Parts not included - Storage of Drive Included
  • (Service includes changing spark plugs, Dist cap, Rotor, inspecting belts and hoses, minor ignition adjustments as needed) Parts not included